Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Heidelberg Castle In Germany

Visit Heidelberg Castle, with fantasy and imagination...
Heidelberg Castle must have been very beautiful two hundred years ago. Now we still can see the stone is brown, with a pinkish tint, beautiful color.   
Some statures are still as perfect in every detail as if they were new. But the other statues which are ranked between the windows have suffered. These are life-size statues of old-time emperors, electors, and similar grandees, clad in mail and bearing ponderous swords. Some have lost an arm, some a head, and one poor fellow is chopped off at the middle.

Some photos I took posted here but there are much more to see around the castle. Part of the castle was built in the 1200s AD and later expanded but it had bad luck with lightening and part of it got destroyed when it was struck. It was partly rebuilt in the 1600s and again expanded but war in the 1700s and lightening (again) destroyed a lot of it. 

They are still beautiful, right?
More detail information about this castle from wiki: The Heidelberg Castle is a famous ruin in Germany and landmark of Heidelberg. The castle ruins are among the most important Renaissance structures north of the Alps. The castle has only been partially rebuilt since its demolition in the 17th and 18th centuries. It is located 80 metres (260 ft) up the northern part of the Königstuhl hillside, and thereby dominates the view of the old downtown. The earliest castle structure was built before AD 1214 and later expanded into 2 castles circa 1294; however, in 1537, a lightning-bolt destroyed the upper castle. The present structures had been expanded by 1650, before damage by later wars and fires. In 1764, another lightning-bolt destroyed some rebuilt sections.
Despite damage caused by lightening, war... the castle hasn't lost its romantic charm. 

A View From Heidelberg Castle

Will post some pictures about Heidelberg old town tomorrow. 

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