Sunday, November 14, 2010

Swans at Linderhof Germany

Swans at Linderhof Germany
Scenic Sunday : There is a beautiful lake not far awya from King Ludwig's summer palace : Linderhof Palace. King Ludwig was fond of swans and they feature everywhere in Linderhof  Palace. There is actually one particular room that contains statues / paintings and tapestries of over 100 swans. The gift shop in Linderhof Palace is selling a lot of items most related to swans...On the way back our tour bus, I captured these three swans walking on the road...


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Anonymous said...

Ohhh SWANS! They're beautiful!
I was just reading about King Ludwig earlier this week. Is that the lake where he was last seen? Or was that by his other castle, Neuschwanstein?

sunflowerkat321 said...

I just looked through some of your latest posts. It looks like you are on a trip similar to one we took this summer. I don't think we were at this Ludwig palace, but we did see some of his extravagant places. I remember that swans were prominant.

It's a spectacular part of the world. I'll be back to see more.