Friday, November 19, 2010

Skywatch Friday # 31: tram power-lines in the city

Tram is the most common mode of public transport in most of the cities in Europe.
Oct 2010 in Salzburg Austria
Looking up to the sky, cold and rainy days, I only saw the web of tram power-lines.
Everywhere in the city you can see web of cables powering the trams and roads shared with tram tracks.
Oct 2010 in Salzburg Austria
* Oct 2010 in Salzburg Austria


Paulie said...

Looks like most big cities that have such transportation. We have been planning to exctend it to our city from Portland, Oregon but so far nothing.

Anonymous said...

That's as busy up as it is down.
Very clear picture, with lots of detail to look at.

J Bar said...

Interesting shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

indicaspecies said...

Power lines in the sky...a different sky for skywatchers. I read your previous post as well...touching!

fredamans said...

Interesting skyscapes! Very gray and somber too.