Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More photos from Salzburg

I have writted about Saalzburg for a week, here are some more photos from the trip:

Clock tower of Old Town Hall with Medieval Castle of Salzburg in the background
"Mozart" is everywhere, starting from his birthplace and followed by the many shops selling Mozartkugeln and their decorations. Our tour guide spent almost 45 minutes talking about Mozart in front of this building, I was tired of listening to the story, and so sorry, I don't even know what is about this building, only have the name there : "Universitas Salisburgensis" , but the painting on the wall is beautiful, and I don't know what is the stature in front of the building...    
Universitas Salisburgensis                           
Side of the cathedral and the stone archways leading into the Cathedral Square (right picture)
The Goldgasse Street (left picture)
The Goldgasse in Salzburg is a narrow passageway leading from one of the arcades on Residence Square to the Old Marketplace. The passageway owes its current name to the goldsmiths that once had their shops here. A lot of shops selling all sorts items: beautiful jewelry, antiques watches, traditional costumes and books…and much more things, you can’t see all in a day, but I feel most of them are over priced. I only enjoy my photographing…

I especially liked those shop signs, like in Innsbruck, every sign is unique and beautiful. Getreidegasse is the main shopping street in Salzburg, almost every store have wrought iron sign above. This tradition culture due to the oldest days when the people could not read and the icon would tell them what the shop was. Today even MacDonald’s has a wrought iron sign. They look much better tahn modern neon sign, at least to me.

Mozart’s house is located on number 9 Getreidegasse and it is turned into museum open daily.

The last two pictures are the close up of the stone craftings over the entrance of the Residenz plaza and the Fountain in Residenz square, click to enlarge, you will see the wonderful details...Below picture of Residenz plaza from wikipedia:


Lesley said...

These pictures bring back memories of my visit to Salzburg. I loved it, but it was overcast, rainy and rather cold. And it was a Monday, so the Mozart Museum was closed, which was very disappointing.

RNSANE said...

What a beautiful city Salburg is. I remember none of it as I was there from ages 3 to 6 when my father was stationed there. In fact, my brother was born while we were there! I wish I had returned in my many trips to Europe but it just never happenen and now that I have retired with such a huge drop in income, I am afraid it will never be! I loved your pictures, though.