Thursday, November 25, 2010

Beautiful St Peters Cemetery in Salzburg Austria

I love to visit cemeteries, of course are those clean and beautiful one. I cannot really explain why,  it is just an obsession feeling with death or the dead. Those cemeteries are completely fascinating, calming and beautiful to me. I especially enjoy those well kept with stone crafting and flowers…

St Peters Cemetery in Salzburg Austria

Many Chinese are afraid of visiting cemeteries, they believe there are some spiritual things attached to those cemeteries and will bring us bad luck…However this is the 1st time I visited cemetery with a group of people. Yes, our tour visited the St Peters Cemetery Salzburg Austria (It is just next to St. Peter's Church ). Most people will think  that a gravesite is not considered as a first choice tourist attraction, but St. Peter's Cemetery in Salzburg, Austria is. It is one of the oldest Christian graveyards throughout Salzburg. Saint Peter's Cemetery, the oldest Christian graveyard in Austria, in the present condition dating back to 1627. The Sound of Music took place here, this is where they filmed the Von Trapp family when they were in hiding.

St Peters Cemetery in Salzburg Austria

The beauty of the cemetery stands out as each individual grave is adorned with flowers, candles, small plants or fir branches and very well taken care of. It is just beautiful and unique.

St Peters Cemetery in Salzburg AustriaAs we were walking throughout St. Peter's Cemetery, I saw some  gravesites belonging to many of the noble families of Salzburg with some very noteworthy names which were well respected. Each individual grave is an art work, I just short of time to slowly take picture of them. :)

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