Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Spider webs

A silly happy me
Watching spider
Weave its web

A lonely spider
Lost in its own web
Seeking for love

Outdoor Wednesday -
Does the spider pose
For my camera?


Kathleen said...

I agree, it is one of natures wonders to be sure and also amazing is how different spiders spin all different types of webs... Something a human cannot master. Who has the pea brain?

fredamans said...

Very cool thing to watch. You captured it well.

Reader Wil said...

Beautiful photos! We don't know how interesting spiders are. In Australia the tiniest spider, the redback, is extremely poisonous. It can kill humans in a short time.
The webs are very beautifully made especially in autumn when there are dew drops or raindrops on them.

Paulie said...

I am fascinated by spider webs and try to always capture them with my camera.

Ann said...

There are two silly mes,
you and me,
I love watching them,
better still,
photographing them,
But have not found anyone,
as beautiful as yours.
Thanks for visiting.