Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Taking photos of jewelry

Tuesday take is a blue pendant, I bought it at $30 from a charity sale.

Taking good quality pictures of jewelry for most of the photographer is an unsolved mystery, and it is a big challenge for me. I have tried many many ways to get a good shot, finally get this one with slightly better result though I don’t think it is a good shot.
Good jewelry photography needs sharp, crisp focus that is not possible to use auto mode. So I put the camera in "spot focus" mode, even in spot focus mode, it is still difficult to take a clear picture on this shiny gemstone jewelry using auto focus.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a good camera with more manual focus capability to take this close-up jewelry photography…

Well, it is still fun for trying. I just like to capture everything in life, enjoy!
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fredamans said...

That is a beautiful blue pendant! Thank you for linking up!