Saturday, August 14, 2010

Butterfly-Camera Critters #11

Butterfly again, which I have posted on Tuesday. It is not easy to photograph butterfly using my normal camera without special lances, I found it flying around the parterre just downstairs my house, it was flying round and round, from flowers to flowers, hardly stop a bit longer to let me have a chance to take a close look of it. But that day, I was very patient following this butterfly, like a silly girl…Finally it stopped on the ground and become one of my photo collection now. :) Not a good photo, but the way I was chasing the butterfly let me feel young again. It is fun. Visit Misty Dawn’s Camera Critter meme, check out more critters.


Paulie said...

Oh, I think it is just beautiful! You got your reward and so did we!

Siren said...

It is so fun to take pictures. I went to a butterfly's in bloom event and had fun chasing some of the rare ones around with my camera. I got some great shots but some turned out blurry...but i don't really care I had a good day that day. I like the contrast of colors in this photo.