Thursday, October 08, 2009

Life as I see it #1

What do you see in life? I wish to see more of different views in life from different parts of this world. So I created this meme last week.
“Life as I see it” will be up every Thursday pacific time after midnight and will remain open until Wednesday. During the week, you can post anything about what you see in life on your own blog. It can be a photo, a random though or share your happiness or sadness in life. So make your post, visit other blog listed, maybe the views from other people life do help you. Leave a link to this blog on your post.
Each month ten posts will be randomly selected to be featured in the sidebar of this blog for the month. This is the way I see the blogging life.
I try not to complicate this meme with many rules, but I do ask that you can use my “Life as I see it” badge or link back to this blog in some way, thank you.
Enjoy life as whatever it is.


Jim said...

Hi G.L, I like your idea but may not have time for it this week. I will come back to see if you have any takers. Some get off the ground fast, others are pretty slow. My current post is a MidWeek Blues meme, it has about four participants most weeks. I hope it picks up as I like doing it a lot.
I will see how the things go for ideas maybe. Will you be posting one yourself?

Thank you for peeking in on Amber (out grandCat). I do the moderation thing on the older posts as I have been spammed badly a few times before.l
Amber is a very nice kitten and surprisingly playful for her age.
I did read on down. Thank you especially for your Rome post. Mrs. Jim and I have been there. We were with a tour group but after doing the city tour and the Colisium we roamed about on our own for a few days.
We came down to the Trevi Fountain
one evening. We stayed late and had pizza at a quaint pizza parlor. They surpised us with an egg in the middle. It wasn't cooked very well. I will order my egg over easy next time I'm there. :-)

LarryG said...

Two things I do intentionally each week.
Early in the week I write a blessing of some style.
Thursdays I write a love letter.
Two very important appointments.
I have also adopted lately a Wednesday Haiku, this is a bit more random since the topic for that is designated each week.
I like your idea for taking the view of different bloggers.
Nicely done, I will be checking you out, thanks for stopping by Yesterday Today...
I just posted the Love Letter for this week.
Have a wonderful day.
And "Think Poetically"

PERBS said...

Well, look on my main blog, Postcards from the Northwest, and maybe youw ill find something related in today's post. . . in my addnedum I wrote because people fro France thought of pumpkins only as Halloween and I don't.

Drahdrah said...

Hi Gypsy, congratulations on the new meme... it's a wonderful idea. I will definitely join in during the coming weeks !