Friday, September 18, 2009

Sky Watch Friday No 6-Wispy Clouds

Again, this is the sky I saw on top of my head when I was jogging in the afternoon, the pretty wispy clouds in a blue sky.
I am so lucky to carry the cell phone with me to take this pretty shoot. Not everyday is a sunny day with blue sky, enjoy it,appreciate it while we can. 
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J Bar said...

Great wispy clouds.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Sylvia K said...

I was just about to write the same thing as JBar! Such beautiful wispy clouds! Marvelous shot!

Happy SWF!


Regina said...

Great sky!

Nature Lovin' Super Mama said...

I like the wispy sky...very free flowing and peaceful. Thanks for sharing and Happy Friday.

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

wow.. this is a really lovely shot.. very mystical. I see you visited my horse post..thanks for coming by!

Ralph said...

What is amazing here is the clouds set against the blue sky. It has the look of viewing the earth from space by those in space - are we on the ground looking up or in the heavens looking down??