Sunday, September 06, 2009

Are you being served?

Are You Being Served Are you being served? This is an interesting blog discuss about the customer service in Singapore. A group of people called "squad members" will be initiating various customer service scenarios, observe how service staff react, then blog about them.

“What’s Singapore serving up these days? A dash of initiative, a pinch of warmth topped with true professionalism? Or huge scoops of borderline service?”
I am sure, if you are Singaporean, or you live in Singapore, for sure, you will think of all these questions. How happy are you with the local customer service? Do you have any bad customer service experience in Singapore? Do you have own stories and recommend missions want to share with other people? Join the blog discussion, suggest an exciting mission to Singapore Customer Service .. Share Your Story .There are total nine completed mission for now:

From my personal views, although customer service in Singapore may not be the best in the world, but it is good enough. In fact, I have been to many other countries, other Asia countries, Europe etc…Most of the customer service in Singapore are really good, especially those from Government side, profession, warm welcome, acting fast…I am in customer service line too, in fact I feel a lot of local customer, mainly Singaporean are too difficult to serve, demand too high and like to complain, a small matter to them is very big, and  a lot of Singaporean also take advantage on customer service, never appreciate other people work, don’t even know to say simple “Thank you”…Of course I am not saying all but there are a lot such cases. I am a Singaporean, I feel bad. If I really want to say something about customer service in Singapore, I want to talk about Fast food exploits, or even those food court, restaurant etc…Nowadays, because of the cheap man power, a lot of owners hire workers from other countries mainly from China, but they are not well trained enough, they don’t even know speak English but are serving customers, taking orders by pasting you a menu book…They always make a lot of mistake, simple things like you want salt but they give you pepper, because they don’t know English, but they work in restaurant in Orchard Road, that is bad. Any how, since English is our official country language, we can not expect our customers to understand other language…Such matter spoil the good customer service image in Singapore. Anyway, you are better visit the blog, this is the hottest thing to hit the service industry.


Anonymous said...

Ya, a lot of time, I'm frustrated by waiters/waitresses not understanding my request and not even asking questions. Many countless times I have received food that is opposite from what I requested. They seems don't understand English at all...

bettyl said...

Customer Service is different around the world, I think. Personally I think America has the best people--at least, the ones that realize that customers are the reason they have jobs in the first place! NZ, not so much.