Thursday, August 27, 2009

Window Views from places I have never been to

Window views from Heaven
is in Belgium
. The colorful windows with pretty potted
, the house owner should be a plants lover, the bird was singing
outside the windows, what he was looking for?  I wish I could visit the
places, and know the stories behind the windows.

Window views from The
Horton House on Jekyll Island
by Ms. Fiddlesticks,
a window without glass, an old house under the tree, a place is far from me, but
should have a lot of interesting things I have never seen.

Window views from Kaye,
the left is her mum’s kitchen window,  “it makes for lovely
dining” , the kitchen is a heaven to me, can see outside the beautiful grass
land, with mountain, pretty clouds, and blue
, such a lovely kitchen. I only can see a pieces of wall and the
air-conditioner from my kitchen. LOL. The right is her “front of the home,
with plenty of windows to let light into the rooms. ” So many rooms, Are they
one family whom stay there? How many persons in a house, do they have some
quarrel once a while? I have never have a big family when I was young, I witness
big family with many problems among family members when I got married. Singapore
government encourage Singaporean to give birth to more kids, but I think not
many people will like to do. I am wondering how they are get along with each
other in a big family.

Window views stop here for today, thanks to Mary who hosted Window
, I have the chance to see other windows in those places I have
never been to.  


kaye said...

What a creative post and thanks for including me :) I think that is what I like most about blogging--pictures of things you'll never see and visiting with people you would never ever find.

Mar said...

What a creative take on the theme, those are wonderful places, love seeing windows from around the world.
Happy Thursday!