Thursday, August 20, 2009

Singapore Merlion

he Merlion is a beautiful hybrid of a lion and a fish. Strong and lithe, its lion head alludes to the fabled beast that once roamed the ancient island state, while its fish body symbolizes Singapore's origin as a prosperous seaport.
Sentosa Merlion found along to the Sentosa Merlion Walk My photo of Sentosa Merlion in Sepia tone.

The another Merlion, with its lion's head and fish body, is Singapore's famous tourism symbol. Elevators are taken to the open-air gallery on the crown of this 37m/121ft high viewing tower for 360-degree panoramic views of Sentosa, the city skyline, the harbor and on a clear day, the Indonesian Islands.

The original statue at Merlion Park by the Esplanade Bridge. It is 8.6 m high and weighing 40 tons, is one of Singapore's national icon. As an emblem, it was designed by Fraser Brunner for the Singapore Tourism Board.  Today, the Merlion has found a new home just 120 meters away from its original location, adjacent to one Fullerton.You can find out more information here.

The Merlion in Merlion Park near the Singapore CBD is a well-known tourist icon of Singapore.


Heidi said...

Very informative. I enjoyed learning about the object of your sepia scene. Nice picture too.
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James said...

I really like this and now I see it again. Very cool.

lisaschaos said...

Never heard of a Merlion - he is pretty cool!