Monday, August 03, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday-Durian and Singaporean

Durian Durian is the fruit so called "the king of fruits" in South East Asia, people who love it will love it so much, their eyes will become shiny and say the Durain is so DAMN NICE! ...People who hate it will hate it so much, they will try to avoid the smell from far, so durian fruit is banned in public places such as subways, taxi, buses and hotels.
In this post, I won't write tips on choosing durians and where to get good durians in Singapore. I want to share with you some fun and wired story in Singapore. My ex-boss likes to buy Durian and brings them to office, every one was enjoy eating except one guy from Hong Kong. He hates Durian smell. Other people including the boss start to say: "How to work here if you don't like Durian?" "How to become a Singaporean if you don't like Durian?" "You are so silly, Durian is such a nice fruits" ...The guy is a very hard working person, just some of his lifestyle are very different from others in the office, he has few friends in the office, in the end he quitted the job.
"How to become a Singaporean if you..." " How are you going to scurvy here if you..." I often hear from local Singaporean such comments, in their mind, whatever habits and life style different from them are wrong, they are proud of being Singaporean and use to thing that people must agree with their opinion and follow their life style. They use such attitudes towards the maid, towards the foreigners, towards the family member who are not original growing here. I am not saying all Singaporean, but most of the Singaporean lack of the sense of humor to accept different culture, different minds and different ways of thinking. Most of Singaporean are not so open minded to welcome people with different background and culture.
Hope my post is not an offence to our Singaporean...
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Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Some people like it,
some people don’t—durian:
both blessing and curse.

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