Monday, July 06, 2009

Life as I See It

life as I see itemailMe2 I will update this blog roll on weekly basic. If you would like your blog to be added to "Life as I see it" blog roll, just read this post and follow the guide line. I will  be happy to add you too! This is a personal site, run by human hands. I take time out of my day to add the Blogs. Blogs about life, photograph, travel and personal diary are most welcomed. I will take the time to visit your site and publish it here if I feel the content is right. (My daughter reads my blog, so I don’t want to post any link to adult content blog. LOL) Join my blog rolls is simple:
1. Join “Life as I see it” Meme, it will up on every Wednesday Night Pacific Time after midnight and will remain open until the following Wednesday. Sign MckLinky and leave your comment. That is simple to join this meme, during the week, you can post anything about what you see in life on your own blog. It can be a photo, a random though to share your happiness or sadness in life.
2. Write a comment about one of my post during the week, and send me the URL or badge of your blog no later than pacific time 8pm on each Friday. I will post the links on my Thursday post “Life as I see It”.
You also can:
3. Place my badge on your blog home page. Write to me with your blog logo (125x125) and blog title, I will display your blog on my post “Life as I see it” which is updated weekly. I will keep your link as long as I find mine on your blog. You can find the html code below:

<a href=><img border="0" src="[1].jpg?imgmax=800"></a>

What do you see in life? Do I see what you see? Sound like fun? Join this Meme and know different life from different parts of the woprld.  Life is not just what we see it but how we see it. Cheers. Thank you for your comments and taking time to participate, I will try my best to response or write some review. I love to read your opinions.


My Caddy SG said...

Are you still serious about keeping this blog? Seems that you have not posted anything in over a month.

LarryG said...

Here is the link to this weeks love letter Unfinished Love.
It's just "Life as I see it."