Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The best way to connect with my daughter

I didn't know that the best way to connect with my daughter is blogging, until one day she sent me an email said, "Mum, I love your blog..."
I start to realize that she has some improvement on what I complained in my blog about her bad habits, I realize that she accepts my advices and opinions on a lot of things, like fashion, friends etc though she doesn't want to accept it in front of me and always says there is generation gap...
Does the generation gap exit? Yes, think back of my own young time, I dare not to say I was a "good" girl who listened to mum on every thing. So how can I except she will accept my opinions and listen to me all?
Many moms get in the “Mom Mindset” of seeing everything that is wrong. Me too. By reading her blog, reading her friend's commons on her post, I get to know better about her opinions too, know what they like and what don't like. It did help me when I want to scold her on some topics. But do remember to never blog about things about your kids  that might embarrass them. I read one of her friends write something like this: "I hate my mum telling people about my ugly haircut..." Sometime, small matter to us, is a big deal to them. 
When you do blog, remember your kids maybe reading, look for ways to connect with them through your words.  I think blogging is definitely a way we as moms can connect with our children, whether they read our blogs now, or later. For sure if you write something you don't want them to know, it is better you don't let them know what is your blog URL at all,  and do not write your real name too. Children are very smart now. :) LOL.

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