Monday, June 08, 2009

Message to a lost loved one

I came to this blog Grief is good, This is a very special blog, all posts are in short message and are responses to the question: "If you could send a message to a deceased loved one, what would you say?"
Writing messages to lost loved ones can be a comforting exercise that brings order to unresolved and confusing thoughts that have lingered since the time of a person's death.Yes, it is!
"Dealing with death is an isolating process, and reading other people's diverse messages may help ease feelings of loneliness. Both writing and reading messages can be a starting point to the return of some kind of normality in life."
I remember I have a very long period downtime in my life, that few years I have not doing well in my career, I was so busy in my everyday's work, travelled a lot, didn't have too much time for family, when I realized that family is so important to me, my father was passed away before summer was coming in that year...I only managed to rush back to company him during the last few hours in his life...I was so sad after he left me, I just can't get rid of the sadness for the few years...And I kept all the sadness in my heart...
I guess that if I have read this blog at that time, it may be a relief to me...

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