Monday, December 01, 2008

Hoya-Hoya Bella

DSCN0406 Hoyas are evergreen climbing vines or shrubs growing to 1-10 m (or more with suitable support in trees). They have simple opposite leaves 5-30 cm long that are typically succulent, and in many species are flecked with irregular small silvery spots.
The flowers appear in umbellate clusters at the apex of 2-3 cm peduncles, with repeated clusters of flowers developing sequentially on each peduncle. The flowering peduncles get 2-3 mm longer with each flowering, and can eventually reach 7 cm or more long; the base of the peduncle is smooth, with growth subsequent to the first flowering of the peduncle is rough with numerous tiny bracts. Each flower is about 1 cm diameter, with five thick, waxy, triangular petals; colours range from white to pink or yellow. They are sweetly scented and produce abundant nectar.
hoya-bella-flowers Hoya bella flowers close up image, flowers are highly fragrant
The Hoyas are climbers or trailers with fleshy leaves and clusters of waxy, star-shaped flowers which appear from May to September. Its stems can reach 15 ft or more, and they must be trained on wires, trellis work or on a moss stick. Easy to grow, hard to kill.
Hoya, a miniature species suited for baskets. Flowers 1cm across, comes in bunches of 10 to 15 hanging from along the stems. Bella has been in cultivation for many years and is well known to collectors. Great for indoors in well lit areas. Must be under protection in cold climates. Cut back plant to keep compact shape and habit.

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