Monday, November 10, 2008

What fish can go with Bettas

Betta fish is know as fighting fish, they fight to protect their territory, to ensure that they have enough food, and also because they want to be “king of the hill” when it comes time for them to breed.
I ever tried to keep two male Betta fish in the tank, they were fighting to each other till I quickly put one piece of glass in the centre of the fish tank. Even that, they were still “flare” at each other – (this means they puff up, flaring out their fins and gill covers, to make themselves look bigger and more threatening.) Often one fish will admit defeat and swim away, leaving the other male victorious. That is the time they show off their beauty.
Most of the time male Bettas will only attack other males. But sometime, male bettas do attack a female betas. :) Maybe they short of some "chemical click". :)
Seeing one betta fish in the tank is so boring right? Do anyone know what other fish can lead a peaceful life with betta fish?

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