Sunday, November 23, 2008

My view on euthanasia

A lot of buzz has been going on in the media recently on the topic of euthanasia in Singapore. Equally, there are two different comments on this subject from a variety of viewpoints.
Doctors, caregivers and religious groups in Singapore have said there is a distinct difference between euthanasia and the Advanced Medical Directive (AMD) which the Health Ministry wants to simplify.
While the AMD extends a person’s autonomy on how he would like to die, euthanasia is seen as an act of killing. (Channel NewsAsia)
Experts said it is all in the definition. They said signing the AMD to say you would rather have the plug pulled - than be kept alive by machines if you are terminally ill - is not euthanasia.
In Singapore, active euthanasia is prohibited by law but passive euthanasia can be carried out on a terminally ill patient as long as he has signed the Advance Medical Directive (AMD). AMD is an order to your doctor not to prolong your life. Family members cannot revoke one person's AMD.
But, I am now talking about Euthanasia, not the Advance Medical Directive. I am talking about Euthanasia that refers to the action taken by the physician and the patient, who both agree to end the patient's life even the patient does not need any life life support systems at the time of making such decision.
Euthanasia is a highly controversial issue and few countries have been liberal to embrace it.
I am a supporter of euthanasia. I strongly believe that we have the right to end our own life if we choose to. It is our body and we should have the control on our own body. If I had a condition which was terminal and was no hope,  I would like to die with dignity and spare my family having to watch me suffer. Why I should endure a long, drawn-out, painful death, why I couldn't choose to die peacefully with a smile without any survival medical machine on my body. It's my own body and ultimately, it should be my  decision what I do with it and my life.Why I should suffer with painful sickness, and let all my beloved one suffer too. I really hope Singapore could have a law set up properly to allow everyone to choose how they want to die. Everyone of us should be able to  die peacefully if we want to. No one should be made to suffer. Everyone believes in the right to live, why not the right to die?
I think it's a very personal decision that should be between a person, their family (if they're around or important to the patient). I firmly believe that people should be able to do whatever they need/want, as long as they don't hurt anyone else. Basically, I believe in the right to be left alone.

I would like to see the legalization of euthanasia in Singapore.

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