Friday, November 14, 2008

8 Limbed Baby

One friend sent me this video link on youtube. "According to, this baby who was born last October 2005 in the Bihar region, one of the most remote areas of India, populated by Hindu farmers. Lakshmi was born with 8 limbs, and the villagers thought that the baby was the embodiment of a goddess. In medical terms, Lakshmi had a parasitic twin, a condition so rare that no reliable numbers exist on its prevalence. The incidence of conjoined twins is one in 50,000, and Lakshmi's kind of twin forms in only 3 percent of all types of conjoined babies. Last November 6, 2007, thea team of 30 surgeons began working on Lakshmi. The first step was an organ transplant; Lakshmi had two functional kidneys, but one was in the twin, so doctors transplanted the parasitic twin's kidney. They had to disentangle organs, including entwined intestines. One of the trickiest aspects involved the spine and pelvis and legs: specifically, reconstructing the pelvic ring without damaging nerves and picking the right legs, so Lakshmi could one day walk. After how many months of staying at the hospital for the full recovery, the little girl is happy but still has to undergo additional surgery..." I salute all the doctors who did this transformation of Lakshmi successfully. It is truly amazing how God uses doctors to be His tools for this surgery. But I feel very sad for some people who wrote bad comments on the youtube. She is kid and was born like this, she hasn't done anything wrong, she is among one of us-human! She deserve the respect from all us who are healthy and happily alive! Please STOP posting rude comments and think how lucky you are and be thankful to god.

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