Monday, October 13, 2008

Pyjamas VS Singlets

My neighbour came back from China last week, she went to Chengdu to visit the daughter-in-law's family. By the way her son married to a China lady who was growing up in Chengdu. She talk a lot about China, and the topic she was repeating again and again is about Pyjamas. Yes, Pyjamas.
She said she saw  the local women including the daughter-in-law's mother and sister  wearing striped or flowers cotton pyjamas in a crowded street in the middle of the afternoon, she felt that is very unacceptable.
This remind me just a few years ago, when I was wearing singlets walking along the street in Xiamen, a lot of people were looking at me, the way they look at me show that they feel me very funny. I was told better to put on something to avoid people staring at me. But why, just a normal dinner gathering of a few of friends...You can find lots of people wearing singlets in restaurant in Singapore, there are many people wearing singlets every day, from little kids to 60 years old, nothing special, just because of the weather, singlets are the most welcomed causal wear.
If wearing singlets is our culture, then wearing pyjamas is their culture too. You may feel funny but don't criticise. In China, even in those big city such as Beijing, Shanghai... Wearing pyjamas walking along the street is their lifestyle, the way they relax themselves after work.
A lot of Singaporean react too much on other people life style. They always request people lead the same way of life as them. The attitude of Singaporean towards other country people and culture is less some subsumption.

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