Friday, October 10, 2008

How To Marinate Meat

Marinating meat can be lots of fun if you like to experiment. One of the secrets behind marinating is to use vinegar.You can make a mixture of this vinegar, along with all of your favourite spices, and then pour it over your meat, take note that it must be covering all of your meat. Lemon and lime are anther great way to marinate your meat to make it tender. The fragrant of lemon give the meat a special taste.
I tried using wine too. First time I used Dom wine to marinade beef, I cook the beef with Chinese herbs. But my daughter doesn't like the taste of herb. From that time I just use normal white wine to marinade meat. So make sure that the wine you use is something that you like to drink. Most likely, if you don't like the taste of the wine enough to drink it, then you aren't going to like the taste of it in a marinade. Like all those herbs wine are unaccepted by children.
Of course the faster way to marinate meat will be the tenderiser powder.
Do you have other faster way to marinate meat?
Thanks for reading. Enjoying cooking, enjoy life.

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