Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sex & The City VS China Women

If you come to this post from search engine , I am guessing you are probably hunting for sex stories.  I am sure you will be disappointed. Although, still, this blog post will be about sex.
Read the news:
"22-year-old Liu Hong Mei, a factory worker at semi-conductor company Agere Systems, was killed and hacked into seven parts. The body parts were packed into cardboard boxes and plastic bags and dumped separately into the river near Kallang, Clarke Quay and Parliament House. Her supervisor, 50-year-old Leong Siew Chor, who was also her lover, has been charged with her murder. "
"THE seafood stall owner accused of killing his China lover on Wednesday demonstrated how he was attacked first by the woman in a mock-up cubicle which was set up in the court room. ....The couple had earlier argued over a 'separation fee' which Madam Yu had demanded to break off from Eu."
"3 female corpses were found lying at one of the Yishun ave 11 flats. They were believed to be mass murdered. Another lady was injured. A suspected man was arrested to aid in the police investigation."
The last case is involving China man who came to Singapore. Beside this, a few of high-profile passion killings in the past few years involving fiercely materialistic women from China and local married men has highlighted a growing social problem in Singapore. Businessmen are keeping them as mistresses and retirees being fleeced of their retirement money by younger foreign women, mostly from the China mainland, such cases are increasing every years.
Easily, China women in Singapore are marked as "aggressive, wily or family-destructive", especially among the groups of housewives. I feel that this is not fair to blame it all on  China women, the “lustful” Singapore men should bear a greater share. In this world, where there are men, there are sure have sex trade, that is human being.
Talk back the murder cases. My first question I have always asked myself was why these men will do such a crazy action towards the ladies related to them, in such relationship, roommate, colleague, business partner, lover...
The second question I have asked myself was what is the reason behind the murder, love, jealousy, sex or money?
Yeah, maybe money just an excuse behind all the "hate". Everyday have so many people losing money, lose money on the investment, on share, on business, but they are not killing others simply just because of "lose money", right? The hidden reasons are "CRAZY", crazy love, or I should say "crazy sex". If any of you got offended, I do apologize.
I always heard those story telling that those old uncle cheated by "China Women", lose a lot of money even their whole life saving...I don't agree the word using here "cheat". Most of the men (epically Married Men, epically old men)  knowing the lady well, knowing their name, where they stay, who they are, and they get along with each other for sometime, for whatever reason they are willing to believe those women, give those women money, of course they are excepting something (what? Of course SEX) for return. How can you call these as "cheat"! When the exception is not fulfilled, disappointment and anger come after them, they are going mad,  they leave out of senses,  that is all the cases happening...Just like in the stock market, whatever you buy, of course you are expecting to make money on it, but when the share drop, how can you say you are being cheated?!
What I think is this: Would half of married Singaporean who date China Women go for serious relationship?  I'll bet - correct me if I'm wrong- maybe 1% of them would only do it.
Now, my question is this: why do you still want to date China women?
Anyone who is over 30 years old, some of them even has gone through half century of years, how dare you say you are "Cheated", you should have those common sense, you should know those women are coming to you just because of money, think yourself what other you are attrected to them, or what can you offer to them beside money. You should know yourself better. If you think it is worth to use money to buy sex, if you think it can bring back the feeling of being young after buying sex, if you think it can make you happy, why not. This is your own money. The money you earned through so many years of hard work, now is the time to enjoy, to spend. Why not. But please don't forget whatever things can use money to buy, also can lose easily. Be prepared yourself, when the day come-when you lose everything, don't cry, and don't be angry. That is life, and that is sex.
So, Men, when you are enjoying sex, when you enjoy being young again, when you enjoy the feeling of be loved, just enjoy. As long as you are a good loser. Same rule applied to women, right?
This world then will be more peaceful.

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