Monday, September 08, 2008

Do the most important thing first

If you always sleepless and wake up in the middle of the night like me, chances are you thinking about all you tasks for the day...The schedule of meetings, the reports must be handed up, the projects that must get done, the problems to be confronted...Then we add to the mental weight load by worrying about them all. The pressure of having all these kept in mind all the time will make you get crazy. Believe me. It will make you crazy and suddenly break one day, like the rubber band go to its limit.

I have been in such situation for quite some time. Until one day I read a book and learn something new-that is what I want to share with you here today:

Today, try something different.

When you awaken, first thing you need to do is let your brain empty for half an hour. Let go all the "tasks for day" in your mind, enjoy a cup of coffee with your breakfast.

Enjoy your breakfast? Great! Now focus on things must be done today, those very urgent things, die die must do type, list it out. OK, RELAX, RELAX...Go to work, finish all the things in your lists first. Finish it by today, don't let other things disturb you. I know there are a lot of other things you have to do, but you won't die if you can't finish by today, right? Leave it to tomorrow...

Yes, just like this. Repeat it every day in a week. You will realize you have a sweet dream by then.

Do you? Let me know.

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