Saturday, September 20, 2008

Book Worm

One of my favourite hobbies is reading.  When I just came to Singapore, that was 15 years ago, I brought back two big luggage of books to my in-law's house, till now I still remember how they stare at me, mother-in-law was not that happy, she told me to throw away the books, she said that books are all no value items, and will bring bad luck...:) After so many years then I know what is the real meaning of so called "books will bring bad luck". The pronunciation in Chinese is "SHU", It means lose, for those people like to buy 4D, they are definitely afraid of "LOSE"...They will think books are bringing in bad luck, bad FENG SHUI.
I don't realize exactly quite a lot of traditional Chinese Singaporean do believe in such a saying. Until yesterday my friend told me that her mother-in-law throw away her bible, because she forgot to keep it and left it on the mahjong table. She had a big quarrel with the mother-in-law after that. I am not sure how to comfort her as I did experience such a situation before.
We call a person book worm, it refers to an avid reader and lover of books. But since there is a word of "worm" there, anyhow that is not a good thing, no wonder they are so dislike to keep books at home. They are afraid the books and book worm chase the "lucky star" out to the house.

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