Friday, August 29, 2008

Gift For Teacher's Day

Teachers’ Day is an unofficial holiday that only those in school celebrate. But if you have children in school, Teacher's Day could be your big day. I used to have a headache when Teacher's Day approaches. My girl get excited over a discussion what they would like to get for their Teacher's Day present. She start to search around the local florist, checking on prices, varieties of flowers etc.
This year, she find something new on a local web site, that is a ecosystem bottle plant. She decided that she want to make the gift herself. That was one month before Teacher's Day. But today she come and ask me to buy the "bottle plant" for her, because the one she planted herself are all dead. I am happy to buy the "bottle plant" for her to give to her teacher as a present. I am happy she at least tried to make a gift by herself.

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