Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Italy Florence

Today morning we went shopping, PRADA outlet, huge warehouse store FULL of bags, cloths, shoes, etc. Prices were not bad but I have no much interest on all theses. just follow the tour. Next we went to what is called THE MALL - it is an outlet for Italian brands such as Gucci, Armani, Fendi, etc.
It is bored.
I quite like Florence. This is a beautiful hilly city made predominantly of marble, in hues of white, green and pink. Known for its art and of course also as the home of famous artists, the most well know being Michelangelo David.
Today we saw DAVID - the sculpture is absolutely incredible, it is at least 25 feet tall and depicts the moment following David's defeat of Goliath - guess they fought naked in those days! You could spend hours looking at this statue marvelling that is was carved out of a single block of marble and took nearly two years to finish. David used to stand in the piazza outside the Ufizi Museum but was moved to it's current location in the late 1800's which is a small museum called the Academia Galleria. There are several other works of Michelangelo displayed here, mostly unfinished sculptures.
We visit the the huge church called the Duomo in Florence too. Duomo is second only in size to St Peters in the Vatican. The Duomo is colourful with a terra cotta orange roof and pink, green and white marble facade. It is great.


Porta della Mandorla

Huge beautiful church

Giotto's Belltower

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