Saturday, September 05, 2009

Life as I see it No 2-5Sep

Six words Saturday- “What do you see in life?”
Many people say life here in Singapore is very boring…Yes, it is true in certain points, there are not many changes in daily life, there are no four seasons, every day is hot summer day…working, from house to office, form office to house…The only enjoyable thing in Singapore is eating, there are most of the bloggers from Singapore write about food, sitting in front of TV, you turn around the channels, there are all talking about food too…LOL.
Are there something interesting in life? I am searching around… I am lucky enough. I enjoy my life here, in reading many of blogs from al over the world,  and I get to know many interesting stories here…

    Meanwhile I will take this opportunity to invite you to join my blog roll “ Life as I see it” on weekly basic. Please refer to my post dated July 6 for more information.

Thanks to Cate. I first time came to her blog, and I love it. Six words to describe our life, it sounds simple, actually it gives me a chance to think back what is so called life.
Here are my second week entry. I hope all of us are having fun, visit the blogs listed below, do you see what I see it?
I meet a lot of incredibly nice and talented people from blogging, you will too.
In no particular order, here's this week's list...
1.Jan’s place 26 Vita Stunder
2 In the pacific
3 Bluff Area Daily
4 Daily Doses of Mama Drama 29 slacker-chick
5 A Walk Through Auckland 30 The Scholastic Scribe
6 Join best post for the week 31 Angel.Pearls
7 News and Views 32 Robyn's Nest
8 Coffee breaker 33 Dr. John's Fortress
9 Remain Nature 34 Lew's Other Pics
10 A house full of love 35 One Single Impression
11 A lot of wonderful places here 36 Animal lover
12 My cats and funny stories 37 photo journal
13.Dipity Road 38 Violet Sky
14 Photos from Melania 39 sweet memories.....
15 One perfect bite  40 Poems otherwise
16 Wonderful things in life  41An animal lover blog 
17 42 Scenic Sunday
18 Becca Back Yard 43 Sydney City
19  44 Shadow shot for Sunday
20 Regina Myfavorite 45 Rose Petals and Rust
21 Drowsey Monkey 46 Glennis langkawi
22 Me, the islands and the world 47 Window Views
23 Ayie a blogger manages many blogs 48 Writing in Faith: thoughts
24 49 Language of love
25.A road goes ever ever long 50 For the Love of Benches
51. I like her say: “My life is a journey...not the most exciting journey, but you never know what you are going to get!” Every one of us have such a journey in life, the most wonderful scenic is always in front of us…
52. There are some posts about serious topic in life, not many photograph posted, “News and Views From Out in Left Field ...”, a blog worth reading when you have clear mind.
53 Living and Dying with Dignity: A daughter's journey through long-term care, a lot of serious thoughts in life, sky is not always blue, “Many have written success stories, but how do you cope when cancer or a brain tumour returns, especially as a caregiver? What are your rights?”

Cheers and happy weekend!


Drahdrah said...

In life, I see extraordinary opportunities to love, laugh, grow, and learn, and always do better for yourself and others. Happy 6WS

Jim said...

Gypsy, in blogging life I see making blogger friends, a lot of them. It is like having XYZ amount of pen pals. A nice average might run 50 +/- blogger friends.

Thanks for your list, I don't update that 'Ask Dr. Jim (blog)' very much, you might like either of my other two better.
Thank you for the mention.

Happy 6WS!
Jim's Little Blog with Six Word Saturday posts

Unknown said...

In life I see love, honesty, struggles and the ability to get up and dust your self off and try again.

Thanks for sharing!!

Regina said...

Hi thanks for including me on the list.
On my header, life to me:
Everyday is a new beginning. Keep On Dreaming. Take time to reach out for others. God is good.

Lovely weekend!

Gattina said...

If you live and work in a town, and you have a daily routine, then each town, even Venice is boring ! It depends on you to make something out of it and have fun !

Timaree said...

I live in the country. We go to town once or twice a week for shopping. It can be boring out here too but the internet really opens the world up for me for online classes and seeing what other people do around the world. I guess anyplace can seem boring so we have to change the routine a little here and there.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

Some day I hope to visit Singapore. I wouldn't mind having it hot every day - for a while anyway!

Rochelle said...

Wow, those are a profound six words! I see in life, friends, family, good food, and never giving up on your dreams.


Becca said...

I try to somehow see everything in a positive light. For example, my friend was pretty late to help us move a few weekends ago. But if he hadn't been late, we would have missed the people delivering our new refrigerator.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hi there..I think I need a new modem as I'm currently having so much trouble with my computer. was so considerate of you to post others links..(yours is up on mine). I got to take a peek at a few- cool. I'm thinking about six words too. Have a great weekend-

Quilly said...

How flattered I am to have made your list! And, if you read that many blogs on a daily basis, I am amazed that you have time to be bored! There's so much diversity online.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hi again..well I do have mine up. Funny, it almost appears we can bend it slightly, or maybe I did. It sort of the way I summed it up instead..yours was like a question. Anyway, cheers-

~Visions~ said...

Many thanks for including me on your list. I'm honoured to have been mentioned.

Hmmmm ... but now I have to try and write more stuff and I'm getting writers' block ... LOL

Momgen said...

Thanks for stopping by...nice blog/.

Lew said...

Life is what you make it! Hidden away closeby are many wonders, whether we ive in city or country. Our busy lives just keep us from stopping and looking.

MYM said...

Thanks for the mention :)

Angel.Pearls said...

Thanks for incuding me to your list! There's much said about life. I just know I love it..Here's my post about life:
Have a great week//Eva